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Services such as Instant Checkmate obtain their data from publicly available information online – they are not the content creators and are therefore unable to remove the content from the public record, which is the originating site.

While you cannot unsubscribe from a public record, it is possible to opt out of search engines and sites like this that access that information. Opting out on InstantCheckMate will remove information from its site and also from within 2-7 business days they say.

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Click on:  InstantCheckMate Opt Out (It will open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth to this article, as needed)

2.  Enter your name in the search box and click the “Search” button.

3. Your search will yield a profile that belongs to you, if you do not see one that you are not on the site (you can also try variations of your name).  If there are multiple people with the same name than you can make an educated decision as to which records pertain to you based on your age, state and relatives and write down the exact spelling of records that pertain to you so you can remove each one. If your name is spelled differently in the results, expect to conduct the same search separately for each spelling. Remember, these are coming from the public record NOT instantcheckmate.

4. If you want to view the report on yourself, you will need to purchase it unfortunately but that is unnecessary.

5. Go back to the Instant Checkmate Opt Out section to remove your information and scroll down to the “Quicklinks” at the bottom of the page and click on “Remove My Information.” This will take you back to the Opt Out page where you can begin the information removal process. There is also an ‘Expedited Optout’  however it is also possible to opt out via regular mail.

6. Enter your information and then hit “Submit.” You should receive an email at the address you listed.

7. Open the email and confirm your email address to initiate the opt-out process which takes 2-7 business days to complete.

8. Wait a few days and then repeat the steps above to make sure your information was successfully removed by doing another search of your name on the website. If you do not see your information on the site than it was successfully removed.

Remember that removing your personal information from the Internet only removes it from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It does not remove it from other publicly available records, we suggest to periodically ‘Google’ your name to make sure the items remain off.

The below information is pulled directly from Instant Checkmate

How Opting Out Works

If you would like to have your information removed from the website, please send the required information to either our Mailing Address or Complete the Expedited Optout form below. Once your request is received, your information will be removed from the website within 48 hours.

Please note: While Instant Checkmate takes every reasonable precaution to make sure that all data associated with each request is suppressed, changes to a person’s name or address may make it difficult to locate all data associated with that person. If you find that data associated with the individual continues to appear in Instant Checkmate search results, please contact Customer Service.

Option 1) Send Information by Postal Mail

Mail your request to:
Instant Checkmate
Attn: Opt Out
4330 S Valley View Blvd, Ste 118
Las Vegas, NV 89103-4052

Option 2) Expedited Optout

Enter the information of the person you would like opted out of our website into the form below. Remember to enter the information as it appears on our website. Please also include any additional details (zip code, date of birth, etc.) that do not appear on our website in order to ensure accurate removal. If there are multiple entries you would like opted out (including a person with the same name but a different address) you will need to make multiple submissions by re-filling out the form. If we have any questions about your submission we will contact you at the email address you provide us below.


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