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How to Remove a name from

Once you have been listed by an escort (or enemy) on you are in the database for good. This is a members only database meaning the search engines will not pick up on this since it is a paid only site.

If you still are not catching what we are cooking this means your profile will only be seen by other escorts and agencies who pay for a NationalBlacklist membership,  and not the general public searching your name and info on google.

You can always talk to your local attorney and see if the information could be subpoenaed to identify the poster but according to their site you must jump through many hoops. says:

We will not edit or remove posts, so don’t bother asking, or demanding!
We will not provide you the identity of any poster, unless by a court order!
We will not ask the author of any post regarding you to contact you!
We understand you feel you have rights too, that’s why you should consult with an attorney.

Q: How do I delete a post?
A: You can’t. Once a post is published it stays up and becomes a permanent record. Removing posts because a guy apologizes or pays you what he owes you, does not make what he originally did go away. Removes posts goes against our policies and denies other unsuspecting ladies from making an informed decision about that client. Also, by submitting your post, you agreed and understood to the condition that the post would not be removed. Please review the text under the Submit button on the bottom of the posting form.

Q: Are all postings anonymous?

A: Yes, but only from the public viewpoint. For privacy and your safety your identity is not displayed on the site, and will never be revealed unless we receive a subpoena or court order.

Q: Why do you allow bad customer’s full names and contact information to be posted when Escort Review Boards forbid it?

A: Escort review websites like The Erotic Review and BigDoggie are usually owned by hobbyists, and are run by hobbyists. They exist for one sole purpose, to promote and facilitate their male hobbyist members in the engagement of prostitution. They make most of their money from their largely male following who comprise the most significant part of their membership revenues. So now follow the money, and you’ll understand their motivation to censor the information that escorts can share about them. It makes sense that these review boards would want to protect their male membership because that’s where they earn the majority of their income.

Years ago, if an escort wanted to post about a bad guy she couldn’t post his real name, and his contact information had all sorts or redactions, like numbers or letters x’d out. If a girl posted a guys real name and contact information without the redactions, the post was removed, and the lady could be banned from the site. With this going on, do you really think these escort review boards cared about you ladies?

Our focus and priority is to service and facilitate the information and safety of escorts, not hobbyists, and to enhance all escort’s ability to work smarter and more safely, period! If you put up reports about bad guys without last names, incomplete emails and x’d out phone numbers (818-555-12xx) you are pretty much making the reports worthless. The more complete the information in your reports, the better chance you have of informing and protecting others with your reports, and being informed and protected yourself by the reports submitted by others.


Q: Isn’t it against the law to post phone numbers and personal information about clients?

A: No. But that’s what your client’s and the escort review boards would like you to think because they are trying to control you, and control you through fear. Remember this. The information you are posting about a bad guy is information he voluntarily gave you, in order to book a date with you. If he mistreats you, you have every right to use that information to warn others.

Also, the government and police do it all the time with sex offender websites, public safety blotters, credit verifying websites, criminal back ground websites, etc. Just because you’re an escort it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to share vital information with each other about known predators or scammers to protect yourselves. And if the bad guys don’t like being listed here, then they should think twice about their actions and behave themselves. When they do that, escorting will be safer for all escorts.


Q: Isn’t it wrong to out a guy publicly like this?

A: That is something only you can decide, and it may depend on how long the bad guy has been bothering you, or how bad the mistreatment was when he saw you the one time. Only you can decide what to post or how much information you wish to include in your post.

Recently in April of 2012, you may have heard in the news that a female German High Jumper was being stalked and harassed for some time. Finally she had enough of it and outed the guy on her Facebook page and publicly humiliated the guy. The overall public perception and response was positive because she took control back and put the stalker in his place, and while her method of using the internet and social media was considered new and controversial, it was deemed effective and received much approval.

Using public shame has always been a strategy or tactic of communities and law enforcement, from posting various offenders names (photos too) in public safety blotters located in their community newspapers or websites. Sometimes they have even gone so far as to put photos of escorts and johns on bill boards in their community so commuters can see them as they drive by. The idea behind this strategy was to use public shame to make “would be” offenders think twice before they act in some mischievous way and bring shame upon themselves and their families.

In essence National Blacklist does the same thing. It is a public safety blotter for escorts, and it has been allowing this strategy for escorts since May of 2005. National Blacklist not only gives you a chance to take back control of your life by exposing the bad guys and their inappropriate behaviors toward escorts, but National Blacklist is a place where escorts can be informed and up to date so they are less likely to be subjected to any bad guy’s misbehaviors in the future too.


Q: What if I see a good guy’s name on here?

A:Just because a customer was well behaved with you doesn’t mean he was well behaved with another lady. Just because a customer has a history of good reviews doesn’t mean he will automatically always be a good customer who will remain well behaved and respectable. You’ve heard the expression “Good Client Gone Bad.” Well, times change, circumstances change, expectations change, and feelings of entitlement may grow as hobbyists buy into their own hype and hobbyist reputation. Chemistry between a man and different women can vary greatly, certain personalities just clash, who knows? Why one guy is nice with you but has an issue with another provider is not something we can answer. So while you may want to be nice and help a customer who’s on your good list, it doesn’t invalidate a bad experience he might have had or caused with another escort.

If you are listed in our registry, the following are many of the questions and previously debated issues that have been brought up.



Q: What is National Blacklist?

A: National Blacklist is like a “neighborhood watch program” for escorts where they can share their bad customer experiences and make incident reports to warn other independent escorts and/or escort agencies about their dangerous or bad customer encounters. We’re just like a credit bureau or criminal background check resource tool, but with National Blacklist escorts and escort agencies can search our registry to see if there are any complaints about a caller (a potential customer) so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to deciding whether to book that customer.


Q: “How did my name get on this website?”

A: If your name appears in our registry, it is with the understanding that you had some communication with an escort, or an actual appointment with an escort that in some way went awry. Escorts can post for all sorts of danger and security reasons, as well as callers being purposely rude and disrespectful, callers trying to rip off escorts with various scams, customers being verbally or physically abusive, or callers being timewasters or practical jokers by booking appointments and then not showing up.


Q: “But she posted my name and information without my permission. You are violating my privacy!”

A: Your name and information was not gathered illegally or unlawfully. It was with the understanding your name and information was given freely “by you” in order to book a date with that escort. You gave her all your information willingly at the time to verify and confirm your identity for her safety and security purposes so she could feel comfortable in seeing you. If something went wrong during your date, and you acted inappropriately to the point that she felt it was appropriate to report you for some misbehavior on your part, then she is well within her rights to use your name and information to warn other ladies about you.


*This is no different than when you don’t pay your rent, or perhaps you move out of your apartment and don’t clean it up or pay for the damages. The landlord has the right to report you to the credit bureaus. Your permission is not necessary.


Q: How do you assure the postings are legitimate or accurate? We can’t and we don’t. No website of this nature can. US Federal Lawmakers know that 3rd party posting websites like ours have no way of vetting the users, and verifying the experiences or accusations that poster’s publish on their sites. US Federal Law, CDA (Communications Decency Act) as it is written, simply says you must hold the poster’s accountable for the content they publish. If you wish to dispute a post, the law says you need to confront the person who made the post. We have nothing to do with it, and we stay out of your disputes.


Q: I don’t see escorts, I’ve never seen an escort! 

Sorry but we don’t know that. We don’t know the truth if you see or have ever seen escorts or not, but pretty much every guy ever caught in some sex scandal has denied, denied, and then denied some more. If simply denying something was an acceptable defense Anthony Weiner would still be in a New York Congressman, and President Bill Clinton would not have been impeached.

If what you say is true, then you should have no problem confronting the poster and pursuing a legal case against them for internet defamation. While taking legal action may seem like a huge nuisance to you, all we can say is that because we are a 3rd party posting website, it means that the content in our registry is posted by our users, not us, and Federal Law has determined that the users, not the website, are legally responsible for the content they publish (post).

Any attempt to circumvent this process will look suspicious that you are trying to avoid facing your accuser, and trying to bypass them by making us remove the post.


Q: Why do all the reports say anonymous at the bottom?

A: Simply, it’s for the privacy and safety of the escorts to shield them from harassment, retaliation or retribution. By law we are required to protect their Free Speech Rights, and if you feel they crossed the line with what they said, then you can legally go after them and try to prove your case in court. to obtain the name of any poster you will have to go to court, make you appeal, and if the court orders the release of the poster’s identity, we will be more than happy to comply with the court order.


Q:  “I want the name of the person who posted the report about me. How can I get that?”

A: Again, our Terms of Service in accordance with Federal Law require us to protect the First Amendment rights of our users by safeguarding their privacy to the fullest extent of the law. This means that National Blacklist cannot and will not release the identities or the contact information of any user of the website without a lawful court order, which you will have to obtain through the courts.


Q: But What about my Free Speech Rights? I have the right to face my accuser!

A: That’s right you do, but only in a courtroom in a controlled setting where you can confront the accuser in a legal and civilized manner. Too many of you guys have already hassled and threatened ladies in the past, simply because you thought you knew who the poster was, and you’ve shown you can’t be trusted. So we will release the name or identity to you through the courts. If anything happens to the girl, and she becomes harassed or stalked, you’ll be the first ones the authorities will investigate.


Q: Do you allow anonymous posts? And why?

A: According to Federal law makers, there exists the legal right for people to make complaints anonymously so they can do so without the fear, or pressure, or retaliation that comes with open exposure. And despite many of you who have tried to argue this point, anonymous posts do not invalidate the legitimacy of the complaint, nor does it invalidate the rights of the person to make such posts.

The Supreme Court of the United States on several occasions since 1997 has upheld the Free Speech rights of “anonymous complaints” in regard to internet gripe sites. These laws serve to protect the individual’s rights to make such postings, and the websites that host such postings.


Q: Why do escorts need anonymous free speech? What are they hiding from?

A: They are hiding  from the same guys who band together to stifle their free speech on the escort review boards. They’re hiding from the very scary and threatening guys who’ve already done them harm. The law recognizes their fears and allows for their anonymous posts much like how the police or the IRS allow people to anonymously report criminal activity.

In the broader spectrum, It is said… “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority, the rich, and the powerful …  It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the US Constitutional Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect weak, unpopular, or otherwise unprotected individuals from retaliation and retribution, and their voice or ideas from suppression at the hands of the corrupt or more powerful individuals, organizations, or perhaps an intolerant society.”


Anonymity has been an appealing characteristic for the majority of Internet users. Individuals like you hobbyists, are able to post to message boards, visit chat rooms, and browse informational websites without revealing your identity. This anonymity allows those who engage in unpopular, controversial, illegal or embarrassing activity to seek and disseminate information without sacrificing their privacy or reputations.


We believe that this purpose precisely meets the needs of escorts and National Blacklist, and giving a voice to the escorts who have no legal place to turn when faced with bad clients, whom many of which obviously have the money, power, influence, and certainly the motivation to conceal their improper and possibly illegal (prostitution) activities.


In legal regards to anonymity, in the first appellate decision to address the issue, a New Jersey appeals court established stringent procedural and evidentiary standards that must be met before the identity of an anonymous online poster can be disclosed through litigation. The court recognized the constitutional right to communicate anonymously and refused to order the identification of a “John Doe” speaker who had posted comments on a Yahoo! message board.


United States Federal Law and many States have procedures and standards in how they deal with this issue. Depending on where you are, you may wish to discuss these matters with your attorney.


Q: How do you know posts submitted anonymously are true?

A: We don’t. But we permit it because research shows that honesty on website gripe sites like this one to be much more forthright if the poster’s identity is protected and safe from retribution. Whether it is a powerful corporation or a powerful person, history has showed how harassment and threats of violence have been used to stifle or suppress those who are unfortunate enough to not have the financial means to defend themselves with conventional or legal means.

Secondly, US Congressional Lawmakers when drafting the Communications Decency Act knew that web hosts would never be able to vet or verify all the poster’s and their posted content because it would be a huge impediment to those wishing to engage in Free Speech, so it wasn’t deemed feasible or mandatory, and thus web hosts would not be held liable for the content posted by their users.


Q: “If I know the escort who submitted a post, and can get her to submit to you a retraction, will National Blacklist remove the report?”

A: No. All reports are submitted as a matter of record, and even if you make things right after the fact, it doesn’t change what you did that caused or initiated the escort into submitting the report.

Besides the fact the escort understood and agreed to our terms that no reports will be removed once they are posted. Even if you get the escort to request that we retract her report, we do not know by what means you got her to make that retraction, meaning were you a stand up guy and responsibly went ahead and made the situation right with her?, did you bribe her and pay her off further?, or are you threatening her in some way and pressuring her into making the retraction through extortion, blackmail, or physical harm?


Lastly, if your original inclination was to rob or beat up an escort because she wouldn’t do everything you asked of her, we believe that is very important information about you and your character, that all escorts should be aware and informed of. Even if you make some sort of amends with the escort you mistreated, it doesn’t change what you originally did, and once the report is removed, you would have more liberty and opportunity to become a repeat offender. As a safety service to escorts we cannot be permitted to allow that to happen, and deny to others information that can spare them from harm.


Q:  Shouldn’t National Blacklist review and verify all complaints before they are posted?

A:   In a perfect world, if we were able to do such a thing, maybe. But as stated above in the previous answer, US Federal Laws do not require us to do that because they recognized what an impossible task that would be.

Besides that, escorting and hobbying is a quasi legal activity that is believed to be a front for illegal prostitution activities. To verify posts as you ask, we’d have to investigate your private intimate communications and activities that might suggest or reference actual illegal activities (prostitution), and that is not something we are permitted to do, nor do we wish to have access to, and certainly something you won’t wish us to be able to do.


Another thing to consider. If we investigate the posts, then decide to leave them up or take them down, that would put us in the legally tenuous position to censor the posts and the posters, and if we edited or removed posts under those circumstances, we would no longer be a 3rd part posting website and we would risk losing the federal immunities that are granted to us by law as a 3rd party posting websites.


Asking us to get involved and to investigate your complaints or disputes would also put us in the tenuous position to have to take sides with you or the escort, and it would put us in a precarious legal position. Besides, t o be involved on that level based on an investigation into the truth of the matters, our resulting actions (leaving up posts or taking them down) could be interpreted by legal authorities that we condone and support illegal activity (prostitution) or it could be interpreted that we are helping to subvert or conceal your illegal activity (prostitution).


The best and safest position National Blacklist can be in is as a totally neutral, uninvolved, 3rd party posting website, and as per our Terms of Use  the escorts who post accept full legal responsibility for the content they publish anyways, and so we’ll let them do just that.


Q: “I don’t care, I want the post regarding me removed immediately?” 

A: As adamant as you may be about wanting a post about you removed, the escort who made the post is just as adamant about wanting the post to remain. If you want the post removed, because we are a 3rd party posting website and are not permitted to get involved or take sides, we suggest you contact an attorney and explore your legal options. You may feel you have your legal rights, but so does the escort who wrote the post, and so does the National Blacklist website. and it is best you respect the law and allow everyone their right to due process.


Q:  What if the original author asks to remove her post?

A: The post will stay anyway. As a matter of policy, National Blacklist does not want to encourage escorts to post haphazardly. According to the Submission Terms, the poster accepts and checks a box that she agrees to the following terms, that once posted, the post will not be removed, even if asked…


Once submitted, you agree and accept that your post will not be removed, even if you ask us to remove it later. If the customer makes things right with you, you may update the post to reflect the new developments, but the original complaint will remain to inform and protect others as it will reveal the original intent and character of that customer. Requests to update a post must come from the same email address that is submitted with the post, so be sure the email address you enter is a valid working email. ”


The escort agrees to these terms each and every time she submits a report. This understanding makes her carefully consider her actions before submitting, and it also prevents her form using the site inappropriately like to blackmail or extort money from clients, and then come back and remove reports later after she’s received the money. It also removes the opportunity for you to buy your way off the site, or harasses her or threaten her into removing a post.


Q: “If I file a lawsuit against National Blacklist, will that get my complaint removed?”

A: No. and it will only get you sued back in return. National Blacklist is a 3rd party posting platform, meaning we are immune from legal liability for content posted by our users, and legal precedent says you cannot even bring a suit against us for the content posted by our users.

So, trying to be a bully and threatening a lawsuit to get your way will not work. According to US Federal Law, our website is simply not responsible for posts made by its users or members, therefore, Blacklist will not remove complaints even if you sue us or try to. You would have to take legal action against the author of the post, and if you prevail in court, and we are given a court order to remove the post, then we will be happy to do so.


Q: What if I sue National Blacklist to obtain the identity of the author so I can take her to court for libel?

A: National Blacklist will cooperate with any “legal” investigation if it means getting to the truth of the matter. While it is always possible that any report can be completely false or malicious (as so many of you men try to contend) if you wish to challenge any report in a court of law, National Blacklist will cooperate fully with you and the authorities with what ever information we can provide to assist in the investigation to make sure justice is served for you and that the false reports are rightfully removed.


Q:  “I Know the CDA (Communications Decency Act) protects National Blacklist, But I still want to sue National Blacklist anyway!”

A: Believe it or not, we’ve received messages like this. We understand you are upset, but if you file a lawsuit which you know contains false claims, meaning you lie and deny ever communicating with escorts, or seeing or hiring escorts, and we obtain proof you did through the escort’s emails, phone records, and recorded ip addresses etc., as well as through your subpoenaed records, please note that you and/or your attorneys can be subject to serious sanctions at the judge’s discretion. You will then be liable to pay some or all of our attorney’s fees in addition to penalties a judge may impose o you for lying and bringing forth a false or malicious lawsuit.

Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings – This civil liability precedent is designed to protect against frivolous law suits, and serious penalties and sanctions can occur if the judge determines you filed a frivolous lawsuit. It is known as “wrongful use of civil proceedings” and it is defined by § 674 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts as follows:

(a) he acts without probable cause, and primarily for a purpose other than that of securing the proper adjudication of the claim in which the proceedings are based, and
(b) except when they are ex parte, the proceedings have terminated in favor of the person against whom they are brought.


Because National Blacklist is immune from liability under the CDA; Communications Decency Act, for defamation-based and libel related claims, and you are not permitted to file a suit against us, any suit that you seek to impose liability upon us for the free speech of our users is, by definition, is considered an action brought “without probable cause.”


So, National Blacklist wants to be clear that it, as according to Federal Law, is immune and accepts no liability for the written speech of its users, and it will vigorously defend any litigation brought against us which seeks to circumvent the CDA. Again, any suit filed against us without probable cause may subject you, the complaining party and/or your attorneys, to liability for wrongful use of civil proceedings. If you knowingly file a baseless or frivolous lawsuit against us, regardless of where your case is filed, you and/or your lawyers will be subject to a counter lawsuit in which a jury could award National Blacklist both substantial compensatory and punitive damage awards.



Q: “Someone posted a report which violates National Blacklists’ Terms of Service. Will you remove it?”

A: Although our Terms of Service states we prohibit users from posting false information, we don’t know if the information that is posted by an escort is false. You would need to “prove” it. In case you missed that, you can’t just say a post is false, you must actually prove it to be false. And since we are not permitted by law to make determinations in these matters, you will likely have to prove it false in a court of law where you can face your accuser and let the governing legal authorities who are authorized to subpoena and obtain all the necessary evidence (meaning your phone and email records) which the authorities are better trained to scrutinize too, in order to help you resolve your dispute legally and truthfully. When we receive a court order to remove a post, we will gladly do so.



Q:  “I wasn’t in that city at that date and time, so the report must be false!”

A: If you find a post and see that a date or location is inconsistent with your recollections or your visit to a particular city, there are several possible explanations, which for our purposes, therefore for purposes of the law, are deemed acceptable.


  • The escort or escort agency just discovered the National Blacklist website site and is entering information from their internal DNS (Do Not See) lists and approximating the dates as they enter them in our registry.
  • The individual escorts who make these postings worry greatly about their personal safety and understandably prefer to remain as far removed from the post as possible. To aid in this, they may intentionally mis-state the date and exact location in an effort to deflect, or throw off any direct or memorable association with themselves and their specific incident to prevent possible retaliation from the bad customer they are complaining about.
  • Since “libel laws” accept that the “gist” of the report is sufficient and exact dates and locations are simply not relevant, it is the behaviors and attitudes of the client that matters, the exact date and location is immaterial.

While many of you have tried to argue this point with us, we do not know if a date or location is untrue just because you say so, and if either the date or location has been altered by the post’s author, again it does not invalidate the escort’s warning about your encounter, behavior, or character, therefore warranting the post’s removal.

If you wish to contest this, you are more than welcome to do so with the courts or some mediation service, and let those who are trained and authorized to make such decisions in these matters resolve your differences with the poster.


Q: Have we ever removed a post?

A: Yes, but it’s rare. Over the years, we have removed a few posts. For example…

1). Once we removed a post regarding a man who was accused of being a vice cop and busting an escort, yet in the escort’s report she also stated the man’s occupation was finance and real estate. How can that be? This obvious contradiction could have been an innocent mistake by the escort, confusing two different appointments, or it could have a blatant mistake to punish the customer and make sure no other escorts book with him. We did two things. We contacted the escort and pointed out the inconsistency in her report and asked her for clarification. She declined to get back to us, which did not fall in favor with us. Secondly, from the gentleman’s name and contact information, we easily verified though various industry sources that this man was a long and established upstanding member of the real estate and finance community and therefore could not have been a police officer who arrested the girl as the escort stated in her posting. We, therefore removed the report, and we will coincidently be keeping a close eye on any postings that escort ever makes again.

2). Most recently in May of 2012, some posts were connivingly placed on National Blacklist by an unscrupulous person to leverage an extortion scheme he was perpetrating on a man in Portsmouth New Hampshire. When we were informed of the malicious posts and how they were being used we voluntarily and immediately removed the posts. What added to the man’s credibility was that he had reported the extotrtion scheme to the FBI for investigation, and we confirmed their involvement through our attorney. If the man was simply complaining about being listed in our registry, we would have held our ground under the CDA, and let the courts decide the matter.

3). Lastly, in an effort to maintain the integrity of our website’s registry, we do scan the reports for obvious fakes, meaning silly posts about celebrities and politicians, and obvious spam, and we purge those as we find them. We also purge posts about escorts as you hobbyists have plenty of escort review sites where your complaints about escorts would be better suited and has a more appropriate audience.

National Blacklist is a public safety site, and not an escort performance site, so Blacklist does not permit reviews or complaints about escorts. National Blacklist has a narrowly defined purpose to the posts, and anything outside that realm is not permitted. These slight editorial actions shall not be misconstrued as censorship and therefore do not violate the CDA immunities that we have been afforded as a 3rd party posting website.


Q:  What if I know who made the post, but the escort does not want to own up to it?

A: Because you think you might remember who you might have had a bad encounter with, or a possible misunderstanding with, and you go ahead and contact the lady, if she doesn’t respond back to you, or she doesn’t wish to discuss the post with you, or she outright denies posting it, it doesn’t mean she has to own up to it to you, and it doesn’t means you have the right to pressure her, or intimidate her to remove the post. She honestly may not have made the post, and it really could be someone else who made the post, because men who disrespect escorts, who stalk and harass them, no show or stand them up or mistreat them, tend to be consistent in having the same bad character attitudes and behaviors toward all escorts. This means if you have a habit of cancelling last minute or no showing with appointments, it could be any number of ladies who made the report, and not necessarily the one you are thinking of.


So who really knows which escort made the complaint against you? Another plausible explanation is that an escort could have made a post about you on another blacklist site, and some other well intentioned escort may have re-posted it here. (That is known as 3rd party reposting). Again, we do not know. We just want you to know that there are many possible explanations to account for how a posting got on our website.


Q: “Third Party” Re-postings? What’s that?

A:  Since we just mentioned this, now would be a good time to address it. If an escort is a member of another escort/hobbyist review board, (public or private) and she sees a warning post written there about a bad customer encounter, and she thinks that warning would be of value on National Blacklist to its subscribers, and she re-posts here on our board, that is a 3rd party re-posting, and we are not responsible for that content that was re-posted by that user.


Q: “I am on the “TER White List.” Does that account for anything?”

A: While being on the TER White List is certainly commendable, it does not preclude you from having an unexpected misunderstanding with an escort that leads to bad feelings, or feelings of her being wronged. Most times when a customer gets listed on our site, it is not because a misunderstanding occurred, but in how that man chose to behave in dealing with that misunderstanding.


Q: The Escort who posted me is retired or no longer in the business.

A:  Many of you men have discovered you are listed in a registry long after (sometimes years after) the escort who made the post has retired or left the business, and somehow you feel that is enough to get the post removed. What you are failing to realize is that postings on National Blacklist acts like character references among escorts and escort agencies because it details your history of attitudes and actions, thus your behavior when you are dealing with escorts. the escort may have gone away, but the report doesn’t.

For another industry example, let’s say you failed to pay on a department store credit card some years ago, and there is a black mark on your credit report. Your line of thinking suggests that if the department store closes or goes out of business the black mark on your credit report should now be taken off. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in the credit industry, and it doesn’t work that way in ours.


Q: National Blacklist can be used for Extortion or to Blackmail Customers!!!

A: It has been suggested by a few men who’ve written to us that we should take some type of action to prevent our blacklist from being used as blackmail or for extortion. While we are not sure how we could ever accomplish that, please note that everywhere in society there are honest and legitimate products and services that are occasionally used inappropriately by a deviant few, and the law places responsibility on the deviant individual’s behavior who acts illegally, and not the company that produces the legitimate product or service.

What you hobbyists are suggesting is akin to asking a weapons manufacturer to do something that’ll prevent their guns from being used in the enactment of a crime, or like asking automobile manufactures to prevent an angry wife someday from running over her husband if she ever caught him cheating on her. Simply, it can’t be done. Our service is what it is, and if an individual chooses to exploit our product for an illegal purpose, then that individual, when caught, will be held responsible for their actions. The laws of our land deal with people as individuals thus making each person personally responsible for their decisions and actions, and we shall follow that precedent.


Analogous Thought: We wonder if you hobbyists would want the TER or BigDoggie to be shut down because way too many hobbyists write false reviews (good and bad), and many constantly abuse their posting power by pressuring, blackmailing, and extorting escorts into giving free or full services, or unprotected services? So let’s say we shut those sites down too….

We bet it looks a whole lot different when viewed from the other side, doesn’t it?

LEGAL ALERT: National Blacklist does not work with any attorneys or reputation defender type services. If you are ever contacted by anyone who claims that for money they can get you removed from this site, or you are threatened with blackmail or extortion by any individual who demands money from you for any reason regarding a post(s) on this site, we urge you to report that person to your local police or the FBI immediately.

Q: Use of your last name in a report. “Please Remove My Last Name!”

A: Many of you men write in and do not deny the complaint posted about you is true, but you have the audacity to ask us to at least remove your last name from the report because when Googled, your full name yields a search result of a National Blacklist complaint that is being, or can potentially be, catastrophic to your personal, work, and/or family reputation. We could be catty and suggest that this is something you should have thought of before you decided to see escorts or even mistreat an escort, but other than the fact that we are a 3rd party posting website and are not permitted to edit the reports submitted by the escorts who comprise our users and members.

Another thing regarding your last name and why the escort listed it. Simply stated, without your last name on the report, the warning post about you would be rendered useless, but you probably knew that already. Your online names, handles, and aliases, your anonymous free email, your prepaid burner cell phone are all expendable and that’s why you use them, so you can ditch them easily and move on with new ones when it’s convenient for you. But your last name…. Yep, that’s a problem, and one you cannot ditch so easily, which is why it was listed and now cannot be unlisted.

Q: Your name is “Copyrighted” and cannot appear on Blacklist.

A: On a few occasions, some prominent businessmen and pseudo celebrity types whose names appear in National Blacklist have made requests and even demands that we remove their name under the guise of legality, because their name is supposedly “copyrighted” and thus illegal for us to have posted on our site.

Sadly you are very much mistaken. There is little your copyrighted name is going to do to protect you in this instance. You name is not listed on National Blacklist because we or anyone else is trying to profit, or commercially benefit by it by reposting your name or your copyrighted material. That’s all your copy right protection really affords you.

The “fair use” exemption to (U.S.) copyright law was created to allow things such as commentary, parody, news reporting, etc., so your copyrighted name does not preclude your name from being posted in a magazine, a news paper, mentioned on a TV news broadcast, someone’s blog, or our website, especially when the posting is not trying to use or impersonate you or your work. If you appear on National Blacklist, it is because an escort has chosen to share a complaint about you and how you mistreated her. Your copyright does not protect you from that.

To Learn: What does my Copyright Protect -or

Search Copyrights and Trademarks: USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office Website)

Q: Threatening us with the Police, the FBI, or your Attorneys.

A: Many of you have suggested and even threatened, to go to the police, the FBI, to complain about our website, or to your attorney to sue us if we do not immediately comply with your removal requests. Please note, we understand your motivation and urgency to get a post removed, but we cannot remove a post simply because you asked or are threatening us.

There is such a thing as legal due process. The CDA holds us harmless from legal liability for the posts made by our users. The escort who made the post has her Free Speech rights, and if you want to challenge the post and get it removed then you are going to have to face the escort who made the post, because the law holds the post’s author responsible for the content she posts, and not the website she posts it on.

If your attorneys research and verify this for you, they will tell you that you will be fighting precedent established by the United States Supreme Court, which was challenged and upheld several times since 1997, when it comes to individual’s FREE SPEECH Rights and posting publicly, or anonymously, on the internet, and who bears the responsibility for 3rd party postings.

*If you report us to the Police or the FBI, more and likely they will correctly assume that you are the one with something to hide, unless you show them some real evidence to the contrary. If you were truly damaged with defamation you’d be pursuing a legal action with your attorney against the poster and not against us. And since you’re not doing that and can’t really do that without exposing yourself as a common “john” you trying to get us to remove the post, so you don’t have to face your accuser, or you complaining to the police or FBI and trying to get us shut down so that you can continue your illegal prostitution habits will not work. The tactics will be fairly obvious, and the police nor the FBI will be very sympathetic to you and your obvious ploy.

**If you do pursue legal action, you better make sure you know what you are doing and you know exactly how far you want to take it, because you’ll be taking an awfully risky chance that the escort who posted about you hasn’t saved all your correspondence and has phone and email records to back her posted report and counter your claims of falsity and defamation. Even if she doesn’t, all that information can easily be subpoenaed and retrieved. And then if you lose, you will open up a can of worms with a bunch of unintended or unanticipated consequences, you will very likely regret. so talk to your attorney and together you can determine if you want to bring upon yourself all that unnecessary and messy public attention to yourself and have your indiscretions exposed to your family, friends, employers, etc..

Q: What’s the Big Deal if I stood her up? / It’s only a No Show or a Last Minute Cancellation.

A: Some escorts get pissed off the first time you stand them up, others wait until the second or third time you pull this on them before they put you on Blacklist. They each have their own tolerances for this rude and disrespectful behavior, and we don’t tell them how or when to post.

The sad and telling part is when you write us and say… “It was only a no show. And besides, she’s only an “effing” prostitute so it’s not like she really matters.”

It is for this arrogant and condescending attitude that makes it easy to understand why you were blacklisted in the first place. In a world with cell phones and instant text messaging, there is no reason for not giving the escort a 10 second courtesy call or text message. You guys move mountains to originally contact her and to book her for a date, she spends a lot of time getting ready to look nice for you like any other girl going on a date, then when it comes time to follow up and actually show up for the date, you rudely disappear and stand her up, don’t answer her calls, or ever contact her back??? That makes you look like an “effing” chump! who is intentionally standing her up and being a jerk. You have no excuse for not making a simple phone call or sending a text to cancel.

We wonder if you would do that in your real life. to your wife, friends, parents, or perhaps your boss. do you think any of them would appreciate you treating them that way? The fact that you choose to be so blatantly disrespectful to an escort shows the height in arrogance and deliberate disrespect. And for that, yes, why shouldn’t an escort be allowed to post you for behavior like that? You wasted her time, and you likely cost her money she could have made with someone else. As stated on many places on this website, National Blacklist is a 3rd party posting website and we don’t tell the escorts what they can post and what they cannot post. Since standing them up, and cancelling at the last minute is a huge pet peeve with all escorts, the cost of you being “outed” can be devastating and ruin your family or career, so why do it? Just do the right thing at the right time and be a gentleman and let her know with a simple call or text as soon as you know you can’t make it.

Q: Do you realize the problems your site is causing for me? Do you even care about the problems you’re causing me, my family, and my career?

A: Actually if you really cared about your wife, family, and career you wouldn’t be seeing escorts in the first place. So grow up and realize where your real responsibilities lie. As a man, it is your job to protect your name, your reputation, your family, and your career. That’s what real men do, they act like mature men of character and integrity, they put their wives, their families, and their careers first, and they refrain from engaging in activities like prostitution that could harm their reputations, hurt their relationships, destroy their families, and ruin their careers.

So please, don’t blame this website if you’re the one who stupidly put your life, family, and career at risk.

Remember… “Poor planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on our part.”

Q: So what’s National Blacklist’s responsibility in all this?

A: Our only responsibility is to maintain a functioning communication platform and searchable database for the subscribers who utilize our service. That’s it, nothing more and nothing less. Your responsibility is to look out for and protect your reputation, your family, and your career. And if you do see escorts, and something goes wrong between you, it’s best to remember what you have at stake, so put your pride aside, and handle the problem or misunderstanding like a gentleman so the escort doesn’t feel the need to submit a report.

Remember the US Secret Service agents and the problems they all had in Columbia, South America? All that could have been avoided if the one guy just paid the escort her fee. But no, the one agent decided not to, she made a stink, and many lives, careers, and families were destroyed, along with the reputation and integrity of the US Secret Service. So seriously guys, it does not pay to be cheap, selfish, arrogant, or stupid, the price you may wind up paying will be too heavy, and innocent people will be hurt too.

Q: So you guys take the word of some prostitute over mine?

A: Nice condescending attitude you guys show with this one. As with the previous question and the Secret Service incident, apparently the word of the escort in South America was good enough and her complaint were legitimate, so trying to free yourself by attacking the character or credibility of an escort is not a sound tactic.

In our case, we don’t take anyone’s word over another. We’re just not taking sides, we’re not allowed to. We didn’t make the posts so we don’t have to defend them. We don’t know what happened, or if anything happened at all, we only defend the escort’s rights to make their posts, and only they can defend the specific content in their posts.

Q: The post does not adhere to your guidelines. I’d like you to remove it.

A: If you feel a post does not meet with our guidelines, you will still need to take up your dispute with the post’s author because we are not permitted to get involved, unless we want to jeopardize our legal immunity under Federal Law, and no, that is not something we will do for you.

Guidelines are only recommendations, and we do ask that escorts do not make false posts, or submit posts for seemingly trivial reasons like a caller asking silly questions and wasting time. We also ask that escorts consider not using a customer’s last name on a report for a simple no show or cancellation, but in the end it is still her choice as to what information about you she chooses to post. It may not be that you simply stood her up, it may be because it was the third time you’ve done it and she’s finally fed up. We don’t know. Remember, we are a 3rd party posting website, and as such we are not permitted to get involved in your private matters or practice censorship regarding the posts made by others. The users ultimately decide when they feel a post is warranted, and what information they feel is appropriate to post about the offender.

Q: You say you’re uninvolved, but you are by hosting this site, so you are involved.

A: Nice try. That’s like saying a television “news station” ruined your marriage and career because they mentioned your name as one of the “johns’ who got busted in a local vice sting. You blame them, you blame everyone else, but you neglect to accept responsibility that it was you who was hiring a prostitute in the first place. Grow up, be mature, be a man and take responsibility for your actions. Better yet, why not put your family first and not see escorts in the first place.

Q: You say you’re uninvolved, but you accept money, so that makes you involved.

A: So according to this line of thinking, you think the same television station referenced in the previous question is responsible for you getting busted with a prostitute because they have sponsors and advertisers that pay them money to air commercials? Or with a web based application, perhaps you think the three credit reporting companies like Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, are at fault for you having lousy credit because people pay them money to access your bad credit report on their sites? Sorry guys.

Q: You need to have checks and balances! You need to vet the posts and the posters!

A: Even US Federal Law makers know that’s impossible for websites like oursto do that, so it’s not required. but that’s probably why you’re demanding that. It’s funny that no one vets you and your posts when you write your down and dirty explicit reviews, or when you write a bad review on a girl just to be vindictive with her. And if your hobby sites did try to vet you and your review experiences, you’ve be angrily telling them to screw off. So it appears you are trying to control the entire situation. You want to take control away from the escorts and stifle their free speech on National Blacklist, while you arrogantly enjoy all the protected free speech you dish out on your hobby boards. Sorry guys, you can’t have it both ways

Again: Fortunately US Congressional lawmakers decided not to hold 3rd party posting websites responsible for the user’s posted content, realizing it would be impossible for site hosts to be able to keep up with all the content their users posted. Since the law doesn’t require us to vet the posters and their posts, we don’t. The posts are made by the users of the site, and as part of our Terms of Agreement and the Communications Decency Act, liability for posted content (appropriate or inappropriate) lies with the authors of the posted content.

Q: The posts on Blacklist are defamatory. YOU are an accessory to libel.

A: Not according to the CDA Section 230. First you would have to meet the criteria for libel laws and prove the post is defamatory, and if you succeeded in doing that, we could only be guilty of libel if we were the ones who posted the malicious report. To stretch your accusation to being an accessory to libel might fly if we knowingly knew the post to be false and allowed it to be posted anyways, but we don’t know you, we don’t know the escorts who post, and we certainly don’t know anything about your private communications and illegal activities, so no we are not an accessory to anything.

Q: Do you think going to an attorney is really an option for me???

A: This is usually a question you hobbyists ask us when you feel trapped, because you know you can’t consult with an attorney without “outing” yourself as a “john.” We understand why you’d be having this personal dilemma, but we will not edit or remove a post, thus disrespecting the author’s Free Speech rights, and us breaking 3rd party posting rules, just so you can keep seeing escorts in secret. You make the choice to see escorts, and therefore you have to accept all the repercussions that go along with it. If an escort posted you on Blacklist, and pursuing it legally is not an option for you, then maybe you should be engaging in illegal activity.

Q: “Please I beg of you! I will never do it again, I promise!”

A: We get this one a lot! We know there are all sorts of unanticipated consequences that come as a result of being listed on Blacklist. While we are sensitive to your situation and understand the havoc you are going through, it still does not permit us to censor (stifle) the escorts who may have made legitimate warning posts about you. Simply put we will not break the rules and laws governing 3rd party posting websites to cover for your actions when you were breaking the law while engaging in prostitution or attempting to engage in prostitution.

Q: But she’s only retaliating against me because I wrote her a bad review!

A: Let’s see if we got this right. You exercise your free speech rights to write bad reviews of escorts whom you feel in your honest criticisms are subpar in their appearance or performance in illegal prostitution activities, and if she writes a subpar review on you as a customer, you don’t consider even for a moment you may have done something to disrespect her, and it’s only because she’s retaliating against you?… really???

Q: But TER (The Erotic Review) does things differently.

A: We are not the TER, and TER is not the end all internet authority when it comes to dealing with escorts and hobbyists. And least of all when it comes to an escort’s safety. First and foremost, TER is a private escort review board community, mostly run by hobbyists, for hobbyists, and they create rules, enforce policies, and make arbitrary decisions, that are totally selfish and self serving as it benefits and encourages you hobbyists to engage in prostitution. Historically, TER gets involved in your drama and frequently makes decisions in favor of you hobbyists, and it’s apparent you guys are spoiled with the misuse and abuse of their censorship power that has for so long protected you and shut down escorts.

But that’s not how we work here. We stay out of your private business. If a date with an escort goes badly, the best thing you can do to avoid showing up on National Blacklist is to simply be a gentleman and work things out between you honestly, ethically, and respectfully.

Q: You guys suck, your Blacklist site is “effing” evil!

A: Wow. That’s like you cutting out of classes and failing your exams, then blaming the teacher or the school for being evil for giving you a bad grade. You avoid accepting any responsibility for your actions. Engaging with escorts for prostitution is a a risk. You hobbyists seem to forget that you are the ones engaging in these illegal clandestine behaviors. You are the ones taking enormous risks by cheating on your wives, putting your marriages and family at risk, and to make matters more precarious for yourselves, some of you do so and even mistreat escorts in the process. You feel it is perfectly okay for you to cheat on your wives with escorts and get away with it for a long time, and that it’s your personal business. But when you lose your cool and mistreat an escort and decide not to pay her, or you hit her, or you fall in love with her and stalk her, you put yourself in a stupid and vulnerable position thus now making it everyone’s business.

Q: National Blacklist is bullshit, it’s all lies.

A: To quote on legal expert… “It ain’t libel, if it’s true!”

If you wish to assert that Blacklist is all lies, then fine, prove it. And we’ll see you, rather, the escort will see you, in court. Of course the risk you’d be taking if you pursue legal action, is that you don’t know how much evidence the escort has saved from her phone records, recorded voice-mail messages, text messages, emails exchanged, etc. If the escort has all the evidence to support the accusations in her posts, you will not only wind up with egg on your face and lose your case for libel, but you will likely wind up paying for her legal defense fees as well. And, there’s even a good chance the judge will slap a punitive assessment on you for bringing forth a frivolous law suit.

5) Legal Issues

Q: What is a 3rd party posting website?

A: A third party posting web website is one that allows others (visitors, members) to make posts or comments on their website or blog. Section 230 of the CDA (Communications Decency Act) offers powerful legal immunity protections against legal claims arising from hosting controversial comments that were written and posted by these third parties. According to Section 230 of the CDA, the host of the website is not considered legally responsible for the comments made by the site’s visitors or members. So if any comment is truly objectionable or even defamatory in nature, the offended party must legally go after the person who posted the comment, not the website or web host itself.

If you don’t believe us, or wish to independently research this, you can start by visiting these various links. Then by all means, please verify it all with your attorney too.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

Court Says Blogs Not Liable for 3rd parties. California Ruling also Covers Site Owners

Liability and Legal Issues – Is Your Website Legal?

Immunity for Online Publishers Under the Communications Decency Act

Website operators not liable for third party comments

Legal Guide for Bloggers – Section 230 Protections

Avoiding Liability for Websites that Post User Generated Content

Defamation on Social Networking Sites—is anyone liable?

Website Owner Not Liable For Third-Party Posts

Ask a Lawyer: Legal Liability for Blog Comments

Complaint Responses

If you are listed here in our registry and your complaint or inquiry has already been addressed somewhere above in our FAQ’s then we will simply refer you back to this page.

If your question or complaint has not been addressed any where here on this page, then contact us.

In the event we disagree, we will not argue with you, or endlessly debate with you. If you disagree with us, please consult with an attorney.


A Quick Summation of this Page

We will not edit or remove posts, so don’t bother asking, or demanding!
We will not provide you the identity of any poster, unless by a court order!
We will not ask the author of any post regarding you to contact you!
We understand you feel you have rights too, that’s why you should consult with an attorney.

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