remove name from liarscheatersrus is a massive online portal for anonymous folks to report alleged cheaters. They offer removals from their site by way of arbitration and reputation management however if you are the original poster (meaning the person who posted about a cheater) you can get a removal for free via the sites admin.

In most cases to get your name removed from you need to hire a reputation management company. They list several on their site and more information direct from their site can be found here:

“As a reminder, all statements contained on this website are solely attributable to their creators.  Put a different way, we do not verify the information and are not responsible for its accuracy or lack thereof.  We do not edit posts nor do we manipulate the contents. Original posters who register an account may remove their own posts, the instructions are in the Report Cheater page. If you feel that a post about you is false and wish to challenge it, there are independent services that can be used for that. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the post will be removed, for that to happen, you must be successful in your challenge. For more information about post challenges, visit these websites:

1. Internet Reputation Control

2. Remove Names

3. Cyber Defamation Lawyer


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