Websites will often use dark pattern techniques to make it very hard to remove your profile or account and is dedicated to assisting users in finding easy removal outlets for websites, profiles and accounts.

Website Content Removal options

Website Content Removal options

We use the vernacular Remove and Removal often as well as delete, erase and eradicate.

What does it mean to remove an account or profile?

A typical removal could be an on site removal option where the website allows you to remove or delete your account with a click or a simple operation. This is ideal and our favorite method of removals. We believe all websites who allow user signup should have a simple removal outlet.

The next type of removal might be a removal request. We see this often where a website will ask you to communicate with them either via phone or email to request and account removal. This is not hard but its not one click easy.

Some website do not allow a removal at all making it impossible to remove or delete your account. Many times they plan to sell and re-harvest your information which is extremely valuable to them. In most cases we have seen in their TOS (terms of service) fine print stating that your account information is not removable and is their information once you submit it to them.

Its very important to always read the sites TOS and FAQ before signing up to see exactly what they will do with your information.

Another type of removal we have seen is done by 3rd party websites, usually arbitration companies or Reputation Management removal type firms. This is usually done so that the website owner can pass the removal job and liability to a 3rd party company to determine if the content should be removed.

We hope that this information and website serves as a resource to help you get back your personal information which belongs to you!