Remove third party logins

How to remove third party logins.

You have arrived on this page because you have given a few applications (apps) or websites access to your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, MSN, Linked In or Microsoft account. The good news is you can revoke the privilege and delete it for good.

We recommend users regularly check your lists of connected services on the websites you use and remove and revoke services you no longer use.

Use These Links

To secure your accounts, you’ll need to visit a specific page on each website you use and check your list of connected services. If you see a service or app you no longer use, revoke its access to your account with a click or two. has collected a list of links to the appropriate pages on most websites that use OAuth. If you use a service below, click its link to check your list of connected services. and revoke access to services you no longer use:

If you use another website and you’ve given third-party applications access to it with a similar-looking OAuth prompt, you’ll need to check its account settings page and look for a list of connected sites, services, or apps to manage.

Deciding what apps to remove is easy — if you don’t use it, revoke access to it. Be sure to check your list of connected applications and websites regularly on the sites you do use. If you give an application or service access to sensitive data, be sure to revoke its access when you stop using it immediately.